We specialize in turning beginners into boxers. Learn proper technique from Day 1 in our classes and get a safe, intense workout while learning the Art of Boxing.

Just Like An Old School Boxing Workout with a New Gym Vibe: Group Boxing Classes Focused on Boxing Fundamentals, Offensive + Defensive Technique and Footwork.

What to Expect: Each class starts with a new warm up, technique is then taugh either using a partner or solo on your bag, finally class will end with a cardio and core/abs finisher.**

**(Advanced Boxers: Only Sparring class is different, warm up is done before the first bell. Sparring rounds are 3 minutes and are at 50% intensity. No gym wars allowed.)

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Learn Boxing from Beginner to Competitor.

It only takes a single workout inside our studio to understand it’s not a competition — it’s a community.

90% of our members want to learn boxing to have a fun alternative to boring exercise and train with gym friends in a HIGH-ENERGY environment.

The other 10% want to take it a step further and compete in amateur boxing fights and exhibition bouts like our WestSide Smokers boxing fight nights.

Whatever your goals, we got you.

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One FC SuperStar Jeff Chan

Las Vegas Raiders RB William Stanback

UFC Star Zack Makovsky

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