What to Expect in Every Class

Beginners learn the basics at the start of class with our pro coaches. The instructor leads the class, giving personalized corrections to technique

Boxing on the impact absorbing heavy bags in our group class has been proven by multiple studies to be among the highest calorie burning movements along with swimming. Go at your own pace to start and be ready for core work! It's always the season to work on those abs.


Muay Thai kickboxing has been proven to have the most powerful kicks of any Martial Art. Learn proper rotation and balance at the beginning of class during the warm up. 

Whether you kick, elbow or punch, you’ll go at your own pace based on your fitness level. We also have personalized variations of moves available as alternates depending on injuries or limitations of the member.

Beginners will never be asked to spar, this is only for the advanced members with full gear and minimal power. Injury prevention and having a good time takes priority over everything. The goal of sparring is to 


The most metabolic class of the week: Class begins with the breakdown of each station & exercise, after that the class goes nonstop.

No punching or striking in this one: Functional strength and cardio stations on our indoor turf make sure we're building muscle and burning fat in this full body focused workout. 

The best class for beginners and those who want to work on their basic technique and fundamentals. Footwork, punch techniques, offence, defence, we cover it all!

30 Minutes of focused boxing will get the body moving and the brain working but will not be as physically intense as the SIGNATURE CLASS or CONDITION X.






The 5 Heart Rate Zones (Optional)

Competitive members who upgrade to the Fighter Kit will have lifetime access to MyZone Heart-Rate tracking and will be able to participate in monthly challenges on your free MyZone app. The Fighter Kit also comes with access to weekly body fat and muscle readings. Gain the ability to coach yourself by monitoring how your body changes and the effects of the 5 Heart Rate Zones. 

Your Goal: Stay in 'YELLOW Zone' for minimum 12 minutes out of each 30 minute workout to boost your metabolism, burn fat and burn more calories through EPOC.


Our Coaches Are More than Just Coaches.

As you take in the energy of our group workout, you’ll also get the attention and inspiration that comes from our experienced coaches. Pro MMA fighters, Muay Thai champions, functional movement specialists and experienced boxing competitors highlight our all star staff.

See Results in Real Time. Track Your Progress in The App.

We'll prove you're improving. Our partner MyZone has the most accurate heart rate data tracking on the market with daily workout reviews, check your app to track your progress & total effort every month.

LeaderBoards Show Who's on Top of the Competition.

Conquer the LeaderBoard by completing the monthly points objectives. All that matters is effort (heart rate), not performance. Anyone can win each month as long as they stay consistent and give it their all.